Friday, March 6, 2015

Too many toothbrushes

I felt the motivation today. I've been waiting since December. No, not working out. Ha. Good one. 

Packing. Cleaning. Purging. 

Because you know what, we are moving. It's like I haven't known for the last 6 months and today I felt the gravity of moving all of the stuff our life has accumulated and oh my word! 

I'm starting The 7 Experiment in two weeks at our church. (By Jen Hatmaker). I started ahead of time thinking I would really pray about how to lead/facilitate/be used by God. I thought I would simply slim down the number of shoes and maybe clothes in my closet. I thought I'd find guilt of the excessive stuff and minimize slightly. I thought I had it all figured out. 

I'm figuring out that Jesus really does not care about the number of shoes in my closet. He cares about the time I think about/talk about/shop about these shoes. How is that time forwarding His kingdom? 

It's not that my excess could be directed to those less fortunate. (That's absolutely true and a part of it for sure). It's about how my shoes (or clothes or books or food or phone or toothbrushes or tv) take some ridiculous priority. 

So join us at Fbc South Campus starting Wednesday, March 18th. Let's figure out what to do about it. I'm not looking for guilt. I'm looking for hope and blessing when my idols fall and the one who loves me first is put in His proper place!

Joyfully full of all the stuff!!