Sunday, May 31, 2015

Blog Hopper: June - Summer Accessory

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We leave for the beach in two weeks. Two weeks!

I'm almost ready...I think. We should have everything moved to the new house finally. We should have enough shirts and bathing suits for the week. We should have everything we need for the annual beach pictures (but maybe not the right color scheme...sorry Amber). We should be prepared and have everything we need. 

As I start to stress a little about moving, end of school, michael graduating, then vacationing, I realize there is one accessory that I have overlooked. It snuck up behind me. It's ready to go on vacation with me. 

It's my cellulite. My thigh biscuits. The terrible thunder thighs that I've had for my whole adult life. 

How could I have overlooked them? When did they expand to include my tummy? Why didn't this bother me until I started really beach preparing? 

Two weeks is not enough time to do a dang thing about it!! You can't even recover from surgery that quick. So, it's going with me. 

And guess who else cares about it? No one. Not another person going on the trip cares about the state of my thighs. 

I have two beautiful sisters going on the trip. Two gorgeous women that love deeply and bring me great joy.

Amber has known me her whole life. She has been with me through thick and thin. (Literally....right there with me pre and post children). She puts up with me and even answers my calls. If anyone has dirt on me, it's her. And I feel pretty certain she doesn't look at my thighs and think....Thank you Jesus for dad's thighs and long waist. ;)

Katie is my sister in law. Katie and I have talked about my thighs. Katie could care less about the thighs that plague me. If she wasn't so polite, she would have already asked me to drop the subject.

I have decided to emprace my accessory with confidence and pride. I am not as fit as I wanted to be. But I get to spend a week on the beach with my people. My family has relocated almost officially and we are surviving. Handsome has been fantastic and level headed. And our love and friendship is solid. God has been so faithful. 

Sometimes your accessories don't matter as much as you think. Your people love you for who you are.  Our Heavenly Father looks at you and takes great delight in you, His beautiful creation. 

Chose to celebrate you for you....thunder thighs and all!!

Joyfully full of it,


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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Nice People

Its the end of an era. The end of sanity. The end of school. The end of elementary school for one of them. The end of life in Tyler.

And I'm overwhelemed today. It's that dumb feeling. Girls understand. I just don't think I can handle one more thing.

Of course, that means God stepped in and showed me kindness in ways I did not expect.

Little Man is so over this moving and unsettled lifestyle we are currently in the the throws of. And I can't blame him. He keeps forgetting things and getting lower than usual grades...and crying, oh the crying. He feels overwhelmed. Useless. DONE.

As the end of the year approaches, so do the projects. He has an extra credit project that he simply forgot about. And we don't have a computer and printer at home so he could not crank it out last night (last minute) for today. We decided to admit defeat and drop this extra credit. We emailed the teacher explaining our situation and that we have decided to take this added stress off our plate.

She replied quickly. She replied with words that encouraged little man. And he got a second wind. It was a beautiful thing to watch. This woman I don't even know, cares for my kid at the time of year when we are all just done.

Thank you sweet teacher for caring when we didn't think you would and for showing my kiddo how to be strong and courageous when you are ready to quit. He saw that she cares. He saw that she believes in him. And he decided to step it up and not be done but to take on the challenge and hold his head high.

I needed someone to be nice to my kid this morning. I needed someone to say, I understand and got your back. I needed someone to have a tri-fold and give it to little man so he could complete his project and feel proud of his accomplishment.

We might just make it the 12 days left of the school year.

I hope you are encouraged by someone just being kind because it's the right thing to do.

Joyfully full of it.