Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Turns out I have a carb problem. At least my body thinks so. Day two of trying a new way of eating that will be better for my body and all my insides want is a cracker. 

I'm assuming (blaming) my pissiness on this. It may or my not be true. I've been mean and short today. My poor children are beginning to feel the lack of carbs from the ugly words that keep brimming to the surface. How can I teach them to be kind when I can't find it in myself?

And just when it seems this day will be one that is recounted with a therapist in the future, I find grace. 

"Turns out, I'm not defined by my mothering skills or my name on a business card. I'm not defined by what I accomplished today, or whether or not I lost my temper. I'm not defined by my jeans that I wish were a different size, or by my kids when they won't obey. I'm not defined by my wrinkles or tired eyes.

I am, however, defined by the God who knows me by name ... by the God who promises that nothing I do or don't do can separate me from His love that is in Christ Jesus."

This encouraged me and made we want to be nice. So I thought is share. 

I am no alone (or ruining their lives today).

Joyfully full of "it",


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