Tuesday, February 3, 2015

It's not a holiday

Everyone that has a blog started back up as a New Years resolutions.... I didn't. I avoided it. I also didn't start on February 1 or even Groundhog Day. Starting back on a random, not holiday is more my style. Less expectations for excellence on a Tuesday. 

We have a lot going on and I am amazed at how God is moving. I have started a post several times. It just hasn't been typed up. 

So here's my start. I'm a book collector. (Dare I say nerd) I read a lot. But more than reading, I collect books I want to read. My Amazon wish list grows and grows. I'm always looking for the next series to read. And it has to be youth fiction so I know all the words and don't have to know any of the grown up s-e-x stuff. 

Recently my book collecting has taken a turn and has been more mature and unselfish subject matter. (Please note that this is at the collection phase...not yet reading. That would mean growth etc....)

Less. Quality over quantity. See the blessings I have. Gratitude. No comparison. Thankful. Sharing my blessings. 

See. Grown up. Not selfish. Not me.

So here is part of my collection. 

(Like my yellow blanket...blogging from my chair is lazy. I'm okay with that)

This has been started. And has been good. The first part of the book is about living well. No money or budgeting involved. Living well. This has helped me identify some yuck that is hanging on. I haven't gotten to the spending less part (I may lose interest when I have to actually grow and make changes...

And I enjoy Hannah Kelley's blog.


She has a monthly calendar that has been fun to attempt. 

And then this is where I'm going to be in March. 

Mutiny against excess. I read this before. It's a good read. Jen Hatmaker is my kind of girl. Sarcasm. Wit. Jesus. All things I speak fluently. But this time I'm in. Not just for the entertainment but for the change. For the less. For the quality. For the heartbreak and soul searching. For the better me that is somewhere in the near future. 

We will start the study in March. Let me know if you want to come. 

Less. Quality. Jesus. 

Joyfully full of it.

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