Sunday, February 8, 2015

Reading Obsession

I like to read a lot. Sometimes instead of parenting. (We call it extra homework time). So last week I finished another great book. It was one of those that read quickly and I was drawn to the characters and story line. I like the books that suck you in and make you feel. I like finding minutes in the day to get back to what's happening in the story. 

As I sit this morning catching up on my bible reading that didn't happen because of the above mentioned book....I realized that I should crave God's word more than the books I devour so quickly. The Bible is FULL of stories of love, lust, loss, heartache, redemption, joy, and even dancing. This should be the book I go to when I find and extra minute to read. This is the book my children should see in my hands during extra homework time. (Not my phone where I've been downloading I needed another excuse to have the stupid thing in my hand.) 

I have the next book to read in my phone now. But I'm going to commit to reading God's word first, not after the next chapter of whatever book I'm reading. 

And I'm praying for a burning desire to read God's word, for God to meet me wherever I am and be honored with the time I spend there. 

Because being 3 days behind on a bible reading plan but finished with an entire book is really not one of my goals! 


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