Thursday, February 5, 2015

She won't stop talking

No, not Katelynn. That's not the she you assumed I was talking about. I'm referring to Crazy. The chick in my head.  We've discussed how mean she is but have we talked about her constant talking. (So I don't know where my daughter gets it...)

I've lost the hearing in my left ear. It's temporary (I hope) but it's left me with a constant cricket noise. Put some cotton in your ear for a day and you'll understand.

So here's what I've noticed with the silence. Crazy sings a lot. And she talks. The words she says and the songs she sings are directly related to the words I read and the songs I hear and the tv shows I watch. This morning I woke up and she started singing Kari Jobi's song I am not along. (Check it out on YouTube, it's fantastic) 

It's a beautiful way to wake up. The more time I spend listening and reading this that would honor God, the quieter Crazy's mean side is. 

Silence your Crazy today. Read God's word. Listen to some good soul lifting music. Let's see if the words and songs running around in your brain will uplift you today. And those around you. When Crazy is singing worship songs, it's a lot easier to be nice to my people. 

Does it work for you too?

Joyfully full of it,

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